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About us

Clean | Conscious | Plant-Based

Everything at True V revolves around our guiding principle: being a Clean, Conscious, and Plant-based organization.

Empowering Wellness, One Bite at a Time: Our Commitment

At True V, our mission is nothing short of a culinary revolution. We're on a quest to redefine the way the world nourishes itself, bringing forth minimally processed, plant-based food choices that stand as a beacon of health, sustainability, and indulgence.
The Culinary Landscape We're Changing In a world racing towards convenience and affordability, we've witnessed an alarming dominance of highly processed junk foods. These culinary culprits, laden with empty calories, wreak havoc on our physical and mental well-being. True nourishment takes a backseat as we fill our stomachs, leading to a cascade of health issues—from obesity to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases—afflicting adults and children alike.
The True V Difference We're not just a brand; we're a commitment to your well-being. Our plant-based products are crafted with precision, using sustainably sourced, premium ingredients that undergo minimal processing. No preservatives, no compromises—just pure goodness in every bite. We understand the irony of our fast-paced lives—the very convenience that should nourish us ends up depleting our health. True V stands as an antidote, offering not just sustenance but a lifestyle. We believe in the power of nutrient-rich, flavorful alternatives that don't compromise on taste or wellness. At True V, we're not just reimagining food; we're rewriting your health narrative. Our commitment extends beyond the plate—we embrace sustainability by packaging our creations in compostable materials. Each product is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Join us on this journey toward a healthier, more vibrant you. True V—where every bite is a step towards true well-being.

Harmony in Every Bite: Sustainablilty Promise

In an era where economic growth and unsustainable consumption cast shadows on our planet's future, True V is unwavering in our commitment to sustainable practices. Our vision from the outset has been rooted in the belief that the life cycle of our product packaging should leave a positive, not detrimental, mark on our environment. The reality illuminated by research is stark: current economic trends and consumption habits exert tremendous pressure on our environment, jeopardizing the very capacity of our planet to sustain us and future generations. At True V, this realization fuels our dedication to ushering in change. Our pledge to Earth's well-being extends beyond mere words. True V champions business practices that harmonize with the planet's health. Consider our packaging, crafted solely from 100% home-compostable (PLA-free) materials. Even our tree-free product labels boast a pedigree of natural sugarcane fibers, ensuring they too are 100% home-compostable. We acknowledge the challenges posed by embracing 100% home-compostable packaging materials. In an industry where such choices are not yet mainstream and come at a higher cost, True V boldly takes these strides. Our bags, depending on your geographical location, complete their life cycle in as little as 90 days through composting. It's a commitment—a sacrifice, even—made for the love of our planet. True V understands the weight of these choices. We acknowledge that opting for 100% home-compostable packaging isn't the easy route, especially in comparison to industry standards. Yet, we stand unwavering in our belief that meaningful change begins with small yet significant steps. Our hope is that our humble efforts inspire a broader shift in the industry, paving the way for a sustainable, responsible future. Join us in this journey toward a greener, cleaner world. True V—where sustainable practices are not just a commitment; they're a promise to the planet we call home.

Wellness on Every Plate: Our Plant-Based Philosophy

At the core of our mission lies a dedication to championing the health benefits and eco-friendly impact of embracing a plant-based lifestyle. Not only is plant-based food better for your body and mind, but it also plays a vital role in nurturing our precious planet. We recognize that challenging age-old norms, navigating resistance from the well-established meat and dairy industry, and countering decades of misleading marketing are uphill battles we willingly undertake. Our society's heavy reliance on meat and dairy as primary protein sources exacts a toll on both our health and the environment we cherish. A prevalent misconception insists that plant-based foods lack the protein essential for our bodies. Contrary to this, numerous accredited institutions scientifically attest that all the necessary protein can be obtained from plant-based food products. Another widespread myth is that plant-based options pale in comparison to the taste of meat and dairy. Our mission vehemently refutes this notion, aiming to present plant-based choices that not only taste delightful but also provide optimal nutrition. As we advocate for these transformative shifts, we acknowledge that monumental changes commence with small steps. True V commits to leveraging our influence to contribute to the well-being of our communities and the planet. Regardless of whether you align with our mission and perspectives, we simply urge you to maintain an open mind and conduct your own research on these matters. Informed decisions are pivotal, and we believe that every journey toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle begins with a single, intentional step. We extend an invitation for you to join us on this impactful journey. Your participation is key to the success of this meaningful endeavor.

Gratitude for Your Continued Support

Purchasing our products not only invests in your health but also contributes to the well-being of our planet. True V is proud to be a minority woman-owned business and truly appreciate your support! Discover the story - Inception of Purpose