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About us

Clean | Conscious | Plant-Based

Everything we do here at True V begins and ends with our guiding principle of being a Clean, Conscious, and Plant-based organization.


Our mission is to bring minimally processed, plant-based food choices to the world that only contain sustainably sourced premium ingredients and packaged in compostable packaging. In our fast-paced society where convenience and affordability take a priority, highly processed junk foods are consumed in alarming abundance wreaking a havoc on our physical and mental well being. We fill our stomachs with these high-calorie processed foods but do not get the essential nutrients that our bodies need to sustain itself. This results in plethora of ailments such as obesity, high blood pressure, cardio vascular disease etc. in adults and children alike. The lack of nutrients in our food necessitates the intake of expensive dietary supplements that negates the savings from cheap, processed foods to start with. At True V, our humble effort is to change this status-quo by providing healthy alternatives to the highly processed foods. Our food products are made with sustainably sourced, pure ingredients that are minimally processed and contains absolutely no preservatives. Our products are always made with utmost care and in small batches to maintain the quality.

Sustainable Practices

Research shows that current trends in economic growth and unsustainable consumption patterns are putting immense amount of pressure on the environment. If we continue this behavior, the capacity of our planet to sustain us and our future generations is questionable. At True V, our vision has been clear from the beginning – the end life of our products packaging should not contribute towards further damaging our planet and its environment. We strongly believe in pursuing business practices that are in compliance with the well being of our planet earth. As an example, our products are only packaged in 100% home-composable (PLA-free) packaging. Even our tree-free product labels are made from natural sugarcane fibers and of course, 100% home-compostable. Depending on the geographical location, our bags can be fully composted in as less as 90 days. These are hard choices to make as a business as these 100% home-compostable packaging materials though good for the planet are not yet mainstream and hence cost significantly more than the alternative options used in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry by major players. However, big changes start with small steps and at True V our hope is that our humble efforts will encourage a larger change in the industry.

Food Philosophy

An important facet of our mission is to promote the health benefits as well as earth-friendly impact of following a plant-based lifestyle. Plant-based food is better for your body, your mind and for our planet. We understand that this is an uphill battle v/s the centuries old established norms, strong push back from meat/dairy industry with deep pockets, unlimited resources and most of all the mass consumer perception from the decades of misleading marketing. Our culture of relying on meat/dairy as the primary source of protein is taking a massive toll on our health as well as that of our beloved planet. There is a misconception that you cannot get the protein that your body needs from plant-based foods. To the contrary and as a matter of scientifically proven fact by a number or accredited institutions, you can get all the protein that you need from plant-based food products. The other common misconception is that the plant-based foods do not taste as good as the meat/dairy-based foods. This again is simply not true and our mission is to bring plant-based food choices to the consumer that taste great, provides you with all the nutrition. However, as stated before, big changes/transformations start with small steps and at True V, we intend to do all in our power to help our communities and planet become healthy. Whether you agree with our mission, opinions or not all we ask is for you to keep an open mind and do your own research on these topics to make your own informed decisions. It all starts with a small step and we’d love for you to join us on this journey.

Thank you for your business

By purchasing our products, you are not only investing in your own health but also that of our planet. True V is proud to be a minority woman-owned business. Click here to read our story.