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Gift Certificate $25


Indecisive about your purchase? Consider the versatility of our gift cards! Perfect for any occasion, they offer the flexibility for your loved ones to choose their favorite True V products. It’s a thoughtful way to share the joy of health and flavor without the guesswork.

Introducing True V’s sustainable Giftcards—an eco-conscious way to share the gift of health and flavor. Unlike traditional plastic gift cards, our Kraft card stock based giftcards are designed with sustainability in mind. We’ve opted for a plastic-free approach to reduce environmental impact and promote a healthier planet.

With True V’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, these offer a seamless and planet-friendly gifting experience. Send the joy of delicious, plant-based options to your loved ones while contributing to a sustainable future. It’s a gift that not only nourishes the body but also shows care for the environment.

Choose these for a meaningful, Eco-conscious way to share the love of health and taste!

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