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Holiday Bites Bundle


✨ This holiday season, choose the gift of health and sustainability with True V!

Our Cacao Bites are the perfect gift for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or occasion. They’re made with real ingredients and taste absolutely delicious – it’s the ultimate clean-label and sustainable gifting choice you’ve been looking for!


Why True V?

We’re all about keeping it simple and sustainable. Our gifts come in Eco-friendly wrapping, with recyclable or compostable packaging materials. We’ll even add a personal touch with a handwritten message as per your direction!

Plus, enjoy 3-day Priority Shipping within 48 states of the United States* (check our shipping policy for international options).

Here’s how to make it yours:

  1. Add this product to your cart
  2. Choose any 4 combination of Bites for this bundle and let us know on the checkout page under “Notes”
  3. Forgot to mention? No worries, we’ll reach out via email to get this and/or any additional information!
  4. Checkout as usual!

Thank you a million for choosing us out of a million options! ✨

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