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Compost For Me Mailer


As you may already know,  all our product packaging is certified home-compostable and we ask you to home-compost it! However we totally respect your time and understand that it may not be possible for everyone, thus we ask you to at-least drop it off at any commercial composting facility when you get a chance.

In order to to make this process even more convenient, we offer ‘Compost4Me’ service where you could still be at home and still meet your sustainable standards.

How does it work?

  • Add this option to your cart – Compost4Me mailer
  • Once purchased, you’ll receive this mailer along with your products order
  • You will also receive an email with a prepaid label
  • You may return this mailer by attaching the prepaid label or wait until you have accumulated at least 10 bags. We recommend that you wait until the capacity is reached to help reduce carbon footprints.
  • Once we receive it, we compost them for you at the cost of our own time and efforts 🙂

We take images and share it on social media. Unlike other providers, we do not charge anything additional than the shipping rate for the whole process. Why? Because it is more than just a business for us and we want to make sure that together we meet the goal of making this planet more sustainable 🌍 ❤️

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