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Our Story

Our Story

Hello there! Welcome & thank you for your time to dig a little deeper than what’s out there already!

Remember someone said “The change has to come from within”?

I am Megha Shah, founder of True V, a Plant-based epicure, a believer, and a proud mother of 3 children. True V is more than just a business venture, this is where my passion for food transforms into clean label, plant-based food products which compliments your healthy lifestyle and leaves positive footprints on our planet.

Restoring our health and planet with Food

I call food a love language that connects people from around the world, regardless of age, gender, race, and location. Ever since I can remember, I have had a deeply rooted passion for healthy and tasty cuisines from around the world. I was raised in a vegetarian family and back then our food was prepared with dairy & Plant-based whole foods ingredients. After migrating to the US back in 2001, my curiosity continued learning more about what is in my food, how it is grown, and how it is processed before it ends up on my plate. I checked labels before every purchase and spent hours on researching questionable ingredients to better educate myself. During my research, I came across the brutal truth of the dairy industry. This was the sign - The first step was to become one before educating others and I decided to transition myself to Plant-based diet first. I have been following Plant-based diet for the last 4 years and I couldn't be more proud to say that my spouse and my 3 kids (4, 6, 10yrs) also follow the same diet.

Don’t we all want minimally processed and clean label ingredients in our food?

Finally, after the research, I concluded that the most affordable/cheap foods were over processed, loaded with GMOs, preservatives, unnecessary sugar, and costing more than just its price -- our health and our environment. Unfortunately for most people, taste and convenience has become a priority. It's hard to find packaged food that is truly clean and safe to consume for our family. The quote “opportunity often comes in the form of misfortune” was just right at one point of my life and that’s when I found my purpose! Things had to be done right from the get-go, such as starting a food business that focuses on ONLY plant-based superfood ingredients, adds no preservatives/additives in the products, prepares in small-batches to maintain the quality and freshness, and takes care of the environment by choosing sustainable/Home-compostable packaging. I worked on product development, certifications, and waited months for the construction of our plant-based facility. Today, this location is home of True V and it also provides an opportunity to other food entrepreneurs. Yes, it was challenging and a tremendous amount of workload compared to starting just any business that cared less for sustainability & people’s health. But it was all worth the time and delay we faced - knowing that the products we manufacture are going to be loved by everyone in your family, and the end life of product’s packaging is nutrient rich soil when composted. Our Date Trrufls & CacaoBites are not only clean-label superfood products, but also come with zero waste packaging. These are one of the best treats enjoyed by everyone in the family. Handcrafted and carefully curated these products are also free from Top 7 food allergens.