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Our Story

Thank you for stopping by. Your time here means a lot, and I appreciate your curiosity in delving deeper into our story. Welcome to a space where we go beyond the surface to share the true essence of what makes us unique.

Embracing the Change from Within

Hello, I'm Megha Shah, the founder of True V. Beyond the roles of entrepreneur and mother to three wonderful children, True V is my canvas for translating my love for food into something extraordinary. It's not just a business; it's a passion project where clean-label, plant-based products are born. At True V, we're redefining your culinary experience, offering not just healthy alternatives but a positive impact on our planet. Join us in this journey where food meets conscience, and every product reflects our commitment to a wholesome lifestyle and a sustainable future. Welcome to True V!

Restoring our health and planet with Food

In my world, food is more than nourishment—it's a love language that transcends borders, age, gender, and race. Raised in a vegetarian family, I inherited a passion for healthy, global cuisines crafted from dairy and plant-based whole foods. Upon migrating to the US in 2001, my quest for knowledge about food deepened. I started checking labels, researching ingredients, and stumbled upon the truth about the dairy industry. Recognizing the need to be the change I wished to see, I took the pivotal step towards a plant-based diet. For the past four years (2019), I've proudly embraced this lifestyle, setting an example for my spouse and three kids (ages 4, 6, and 10). Today, I proudly stand as part of a plant-based family contributing to improved health, animal welfare, and the well-being of our planet.

Craving Simplicity: The Appeal of Minimally Processed, Clean Label Ingredients

Misfortune to Purpose: Crafting Clean-Label Superfoods with Care After researching the food landscape, I discovered that many affordable options compromised our health and the environment—over-processed, loaded with GMOs, preservatives, and unnecessary sugar. Recognizing the challenge of finding truly clean and safe packaged food for families, I realized the need for a change. The quote ``opportunity often comes in the form of misfortune`` resonated with me, marking the moment I found my purpose. This revelation was underscored by a life-threatening experience, propelling me to make a difference since I was given a second chance. Determined to do things right, I embarked on the journey of starting a food business centered on plant-based superfood ingredients. True V emerged, committed to crafting products without preservatives, in small batches for quality, and with sustainable, certified home-compostable packaging. The process involved meticulous work on product development, certifications, and building our plant-based facility. True V not only became a home for our products but also an opportunity for fellow food entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges and workload, the commitment to sustainability and people's health fueled our journey - a choice that required more effort than launching a conventional business. The journey, marked by time and delays, was undeniably demanding, yet the knowledge that our meticulously crafted products would be cherished by families made every obstacle worthwhile.
Today, True V stands as a testament to that effort—a place where the treats, like Date Trufls & CacaoBites, are not just clean-label superfoods but also feature zero-waste packaging. Handcrafted, allergen-free, and crafted with care, these treats promise a delightful experience for every family member, while contributing to animal welfare and a healthier planet.